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L37 is the female duo with a strong desire to go a long way in the phenomenal shoes.

One is a former lawyer with a family shoe business, the other is a designer. They both believe that life is not a fillable template - every woman can have her clear concept of life and every woman should be able to express herself through a pair of shoes. In L37 they have combined the tradition and the innovation, the Polish shoe-making know-how and the current design and production knowledge. They are the pioneering footwear makers who have introduced the product personalisation into the market. They have turned a simple pair of shoes into an amazing artwork. L37 collections are hand-made of genuine leather and other fabrics. A short-cycle manufacturing improves the production of the most stylish models and meets the expectations of any fashion-conscious women.



L37 is one of the pioneering brands that has introduced personal customisation for all shoe lovers.

Pick from ready-made season collections or design your own pair: decide between your favourite pair, texture, colour and accessories. You may even personalise your shoes with an embroidery of your name initials. L37 footwear is precisely designed and hand-made of the premium components. It is created to boost confidence and is a secret female weapon. This positive brand strategy has attracted many loyal and dedicated fans. In its very first year, L37 received a prestigious award of “Twój Styl”, the Polish fashion magazine.

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