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Today, personalisation is unique and luxury experience. L37 is one of pioneering shoemakers that has introduced personal customisation for shoe lovers. Our products are for women who want to express their own individuality, character and creativity with premium quality footwear. Shoe personalisation is also a wonderful gift idea for a woman we love and who has love for beautiful and unique shoes. You may be certain that she will enjoy shoes made exclusively for her.
L37 provides an opportunity to personalise your chosen pair with an embroidery of maximum 8 characters. In our practice we embroider one selected shoe and it is an extra cost of 70PLN. However, upon request both shoes embroidery is offered. Please note, your personalisation can be decided only before placing your order. There is no technical possibility to embroider on a completed pair.
We are proud that L37’s signature is Hand Made. We can guarantee that each pair of L37 shoes is handmade from the premium components and top quality leathers. This ensures that the customer satisfaction will last for years.

Shoes are made by our experienced and qualified shoe craftsmen who put their heart and soul into making each pair of L37 shoes.Shoe moulds used in our shoe manufacturing process are extensively tested to ensure that the shoe width and other measurements provide maximum all-day comfort to our feet. Items are precisely moulded, then separate elements and accessories are combined. The shoe making process is complex and involves 10 people. This guarantees maximum comfort and durability of all our products.



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